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2023’s Top Online Sports Nutritionists

For a lot of people the concept of using a nutrition coach may seem far-fetched, and in the past, it was true that only Hollywood celebrities and CEOs had their own nutrition coach. Luckily, these days, there are far more of these services available in the UK’s fitness industry, and there are services to suit all requirements and budgets. 

Getting remote meal plans while remaining in ongoing contact with an online nutritionist through email, Skype, social media, and apps can save you money and time while also ensuring you can benefit from expert advice. So here are some of the top online nutrition coaches that offer their services to people in the UK. 

Steven Kemp

As a specialist in nutrition coaching for fat loss, performance, and muscle gain, Steven Kempt works with every client individually to tailor their diet to suit their lifestyle. By staying up to date with the latest scientific literature and learning from other coaches, he aims to save clients the time and effort of doing their own research. 

DJM Coaching And Nutrition

As a specialist in coaching and body transformation, DJM Coaching and Nutrition both educates and coaches clients so that they can continue getting results once their working relationship is over. It’s his aim to help clients to get their perfect body while still enjoying all of their favourite foods by taking an approach that involve no strict dieting and no set meal plans. 

Expert PT

As a specialist in fast-track body transformation, and unique goals and plans, Expert PT aims to give the highest possible level of support to every client so that they can successfully transform their physique. Their approach is via Bespoke Training & Nutrition Plans that take their basis from the individual’s own fitness goals and overall lifestyle, with a feedback video sent every week during which the client’s training and nutrition is assessed and any areas for improvement are outlined to keep them moving forwards consistently.

Next Step Nutrition

As a specialist in improving sporting performance and nutrition coaching, Next Step Nutrition offers flexible pricing plans to help everyone achieve their goals. By learning as much as possible about each client’s limiting factors and lifestyle, they can then coach them effectively to suit their specific needs. Offering both online reporting and phone calls, Next Step Nutrition delves deeply into each client’s behaviours and habits in order to help them change their negative behaviours. 

Dan Mac Fitness

As a specialist in muscle building, fat loss, and macro analysis and tracking, Dan Mac Fitness pays close attention and care to every client by using bespoke nutrition software for tracking and monitoring progress and using personalised activity trackers and log books in order to ensure the optimal environment to achieve success. 

Impact Nutritional Coaching

As a specialist in producing sustainable body composition and nutritional results, Impact Nutritional Coaching promises great results thanks to their ability to form deep connections with their clients. Their focus is primarily on mindset, working on installing positive behaviour and thought patterns in each client so they can achieve success. 

Emilia Thompson PhD

Specialising in whole body health, Emilia Thompson is a nutrition consultant and life coach who works with individuals in order to improve the relationship that they have with food. Bridging the gap between aesthetic and performance goals and healthy living, she encourages vulnerability and transparency to reduce shame from food choices so that clients can enjoy the liberation of working on their own health and food choices and achieve better results. 

Rory Brown Nutrition Coaching

Specialising in mindset coaching, muscle gain, and fat loss, Rory Brown aims to create a community of strong bodies and minds, with a focus on both physicality and mental well-being. Aiming to help those who have negative self-belief, low self-esteem and confidence, and disordered eating patterns, he works with clients to help them be the best version of themselves. 

Sustain Nutrition

Specialising in body transformation and innovative coaching, Sustain Nutrition helps people to boost their well-being through online coaching and daily nutrition 7 days a week. Instead of using strict meal plans, they use commandments that help people to make the right food choices, helping them to find the reasons why they make poor nutritional choices and finding a solution to suit their needs in the long term. Their aim is to build up habits that help maintain positive results over the long term by overcoming obstacles and developing a vital skillset for success.

Sigma Nutrition

Specialising in athletic performance and body composition, Sigma Nutrition focuses on competence, compassion, and economy. Taking an objective, ethical, and evidence-led approach to nutritional coaching, Sigma Nutrition uses science-based practice alongside effective communication to help create actionable items for their clients. Eliminating the need to spend a lot of money on pointless testing and supplements, Sigma Nutrition is compassionate, caring about every client and their results. 

LNP Nutrition Coaching

Specialising in customised training, LNP Nutrition Coaching keeps things simple to remove the stress of living healthily. By using Mike Sweeney’s Simplified Nutrition System, LNP Nutrition Coaching’s clients never have to track calories or hit macros – they simply choose from more than 250 different recipes to design their own tailored meal plan, purchase the necessary food and eat it to become healthier. Clients also benefit from additional support and obstacle solving surrounding weekends away, meals out and late night snack cravings, removing their confusion and anxiety and helping them remain on track. 

Science 2 Health

Specialising in sport nutrition, weight loss, and personal coaching, Science 2 Health strives to provide a nutrition experience that is truly personal to each client’s unique needs so they can achieve sustainable long-term results, whether they’re trying to lose weight or improve their sporting performance. Science 2 Health specialises in translating the latest science-based information into usable methods that clients can understand in order to support their journey towards achieving the nutritional goals that they have set for themselves, helping to educate them in the best methods for them.

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